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L-R-L Rally 2013 - DAY 4 COUPE DES COLS



And so this challenge was 100% voluntary. Yes, Dear Reader, Team Fisher put itself through yet more tortuous hairpins, sheer drops and dizzy heights just for the sheer hell of it.

Setting off at late-for-rallying 9.30am we made a team decision that to attain our allocated height of 23,000m (height target was dependant on car age) we would have to forgoe food, drink, humour, tolerance, marriage and any fun whatsoever. Instead this was our journey.....

Views such as these...


And...joy of all joys! More cows...


(The Chevrolet Corvette you can see patiently waiting - and obviously going in completely the opposite direction to us - was driven by the charming Jan Storm and navigated by gorgeous Aege Steensma. Not long after this photo they had a 'mare, smashing the Corvette's right front end into an obstinate wall and having to retire. As the Corvette sounded like an F14 fighter jet, I think the sleepy villages of the French Alpes were just a tad relieved!)

But it wasn't all just whizzing about. Specific instructions were issued by challenge designer Keith, regarding photographic proof of our day's Col Toll; one crew member, one car, specifically identified sign. Here is ours...


I think it was somewhere around here we came across three men and a woman tending their vegetable garden...on the slope of a mountain. A horse and plough toiled up and down...


while this fabulous chap....


gathered up massive potatoes. "Beaucoups des grandes frites!" he told us. His smile tells it all doesn't it. I am not going to get all soppy and wax lyrical about "the simple things in life" but it does make you think about what is important. These obvious close-knit communities in these tiny mountain villages, where life (especially come winter) must be tough at times, reminder us what is lost in most of the rest of Europe.

So back to the b*****y Col Count....


We did stop somewhere for restorative hot chocolate but having driven passed this....


We decided to stop for a long lunch. I don't think it can possibly get better than this do you?


Back on the road....



Please tell me it's nearly over...


and finally...



It was beyond wonderful. I had quite forgotten how invigorating mountain air can be. How beautiful. Majestic. Awesome. I MIGHT EVEN HAVE TO TAKE UP SKIING AGAIN!!

Getting back to the lovely hotel on Lake Annecy was a relief for two reasons. 1. All three of us survived intact. 2. I could have a large vodka sitting in a bath and then gaze out at this view...


But before I sign off on this fabulous trip I wanted to leave you with this image....


This was the scene a few hours after (almost) all our valiant cars reached The Palace de Menthon Hotel. Can you see the chap walking away for the camera? He is one of our mechanics. There are two and they deserve medals. Whether it was dealing with Bianca's brakes or replacing someone's clutch, draining the Rowe's leaking petrol tank into a watering can...it didn't matter. If they have to stay up all night to get you ready for your start time next day that's what they do. And they are so damn nice about it. Thanks boys!

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