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Taking the Stress out of Ryanair

It's Just About Bearable if You Know How


Dear Reader,
Ryanair has just been voted WORST AIRLINE FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE by 2,500 Good Housekeepingreaders. This should come as no surprise to anyone who has used their services, and I use that word loosely!

As I seem to end up as one of their passengers on a frequent basis, flying to a variety of destinations, I thought you might like a few of my tips.

1. Website Reservations:

- Give yourself lots of time and make sure you will not be interrupted.
- If you must have a drink to strengthen your powers of patience make it more of a gesture than a potential concentration-killer. You need all your wits about you.
- Make a list of all passengers in your party and put a line through as you register them. An experienced traveller girlfriend of mine recently booked two seats for her husband and none for one of her children. A Freudian slip you could say, but subconsciously wanting to leave a teenager at home (or take an extra man!) cost her dearly.
- Check, check and check again. NEVER ASSUME & NEVER PRESUME
- If your booking is not going through there will definitely be some little box somewhere you haven't ticked. Is it the insurance one? Maybe Terms & Conditions?
- Is paying extra for Priority Boarding worth it? Only if you have small children. You might get on a bus first but there is no guarantee 'regular' passengers will not board the same bus and get on the plane first, believe it or not.
- Can you really pack enough for 3 weeks in Ibiza in a carry-on bag? If in doubt pay to put a bag in the hold....telling your 18 year old she can't take 4 pairs of wedges is not the way to start a holiday!

N.B. Mistakes are EXPENSIVE! You DO NOT WANT to be adding on anything; bags, insurance etc. once the Pay Now button has been ticked.

2. Packing:

- I have written a separate blog entry on this How to pack for Ryanair. Most important...a pair of luggage scales. If your bag is overweight or too big you stand a very good chance of having to pay an extra £35+ for it. And take them with you.

3. At the Airport:

- Go through Security and into Departures straight away. I know this might be obvious to most of you but...you don't need to check-in if your have your boarding pass...that is the thing you printed off before you left home remember.
- Buy a sandwich, drink and any necessary yummies for the flight (food on Ryanair is disgusting) as well as sunscreen, magazines etc. but remember you must be able to get it in your carry-on. Again...if you get a member of staff who has just had a row with his/her girl/boyfriend you could end up giving them your copies of Vogue and crayfish and rocket sandwich. I saw it happen in Milan! Me? I stick my Kindle in the belt of my trousers, put on extra clothes from my case, wear my hat, sunglasses, scarf and fill my pockets.
- As soon as your Gate number comes up get there ASAP. Yes you will have to stand in line like cattle but it means you will get seats together and not have to spend the trip with your bag rammed under the seat in front of you. If staff ask if they can put your bag under your seat when you have already got it in the overhead locker say NO.
- If one of your party is elderly tell them to get on last and save them a seat...better still, book a wheelchair so they get on first...with you!

4. On Board:

- Take your head off and put on a different one. It's the only way.
- Order a drink but don't for one minute expect ice. As for lemon/lime...forget it. That fantastic sound of something being poured over ice? Unless you have it on your iPod that's the only time you will hear it on board.
- You are safe to rest your head on the seat in front of you. They don't recline.
- You will not understand any announcements.
- Only a member of staff with empathy will heat up a baby's bottle so take it already warm.

5. Disembarking:

- Get on the bus from plane to airport building last so you are first off, first through passport control, first at your car hire company of choice. TA DA!! Don't be politely English; you will be knocked over in the stampede. Sadly I don't have a tip on how to stop an Italian girl talking on her phone instead of handing over the keys to your box with four wheels. Glaring, smiling, showing photos of your handsome son won't work!

6. Shopping:

- Remember, if you go shopping you will have to get your purchases in your case. So, if you are of the carry-on only variety of passenger, be prepared to resemble the Michelin Man as wearing all your clothes on the way home is the way to do it!


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